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How A Bankof Campaign Works  

BankOf is a peer-to-peer lending platform aimed at helping people towards thier financial goals through crowd-sourcing funds from peers.

Create a Bankof campaign

Ben creates a funds-raising campaign following an unexpected and expensive motor bill
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Notify your network

Ben pushes his campaign out to friends and family via his preferred social channels
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Family and friends invest

According to their individual financial circumstances, supportive family and friends respond by making individual investment pledges, collectively contributing to the total loan amount needed
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A customisable loan agreement is made

Between Ben and his supporters, a customisable loan commitment (agreeing interest rates and term length) is arranged
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Pay back

In line with these terms, Ben pays back the loan with interest to his family and friends
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Sarah’s a single mum to eighteen month-year-old Ella. Ella generates six loads of washing a week. Just imagine if that washing machine were suddenly to give up… This is exactly the sort of scenario where BankOf could come in.

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Borrowing without the eye-watering interest

Borrow up to £10,000

You can use our platform to borrow up to £10,000 from people who care about you.

Set your own term length

We’ll let you prescribe the length of your loan repayment and whether you have monthly or annual repayment terms. From 1 month to 5 years, you decide.  

Choose your interest rate

Unlike traditional lenders, our lending platform will allow you to vary the interest rate payable as your circumstances require.
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Investing with more than just the return in mind

The lenders (or benevolent investors as we like to think of them) give their family members or friends a helping hand towards securing these goals.

In addition to the personal gratification of having helped someone in their social circle, receive monetary interest on the amount lent.

Formalise your gentleman’s agreement

We’ll create a loan agreement between you, other lenders, and the friend your lending to to make everything official; and we’ll also take care of collecting repayments.

Be a benefactor

You have the option to individually fund a loved one’s campaign entirely or club together with others to do so collectively (and in so doing reduce personal risk).

 Lend with benefits  

Receive interest on your money (at a rate possibly competitive* with your high street savings account) by benevolently investing in your network.** 
*Based on the best easy access current account 1.5% AER from Marcus by Goldman Sachs and assumption that BankOf interest is more **Remember your capital is at risk when you lend.

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